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Resreacher holds a tracked Burmese python with her hand

Image courtesy of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Removal efforts at the beginning of the invasion varied between the primary land managing agencies. Pythons are widely distributed across southern Florida and are dispersed amongst variable habitats in both remote and peri-urban (i.e., an area adjacent to an urban area) locations. While removal of pythons from more disturbed habitats like roads and levees is already challenging due to low detectability, pythons established in remote interior lands pose additional logistical challenges. In order to be more effective at detecting pythons in all habitat types, land managers have worked with researchers on a number of projects to improve detection (Rodgers et al. 2021).

The Florida Python Control Plan Workgroup (FPCPW) is an interorganizational team of federal, state and local agencies, tribes, and a non-governmental organization tasked with implementing the Florida Python Control Plan. Management agencies and organizations that are interested in joining the FPCPW should read the Operating Procedures and submit a written request to the FPCP Workgroup at